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Did you know?

October 1, 2015 marked big changes for Trey Trotter, LMFT! Ms. Trotter is practicing full time now in Ponca City as we closed our Tulsa location. She conducts counseling with married couples, pre-marital couples, adults, individuals, adolescents, and children ages 3 and older. Ms. Trotter provides therapy services for a variety of issues, including:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, either with or without hyperactivity)

Relationship Difficulties (social, dating, friendships, family members)

Stress (job, family, loss, grief)

Anxiety (school, college, life transitions)

Depression (irritability, sadness)

Sexual Problems (infertility stress, desire decline, etc.)

Anger Difficulties (education and management)

Emotional Regulation (keeping emotions on an even keel)

Domestic Violence (couples in conflict, individuals leaving abusive situations)

Co-Parenting with Separating or Divorced Parents

Aging Issues (empty nest, retirement, stress from physical problems)

Family, Adolescents and Children's Issues (peer pressure, dating, ADHD)

Communication Issues (listening and communication skills)

Conflict Resolution Difficulties (resolution difficulties)

LGBT Issues

On Another Note...

Click here to check out our sister company, "Remedies!" Ms. Trotter conducts the required "Co-Parenting Through Divorce" class that is mandatory for parents with minor children who are going through the domestic court process. She also provides a variety of family court services, including Mediation (specializing in Child Custody & Domestic Abuse), Parenting Coordination, Reconciliation/Reunification Therapy, Custody Evaluations, Adoption Home Studies, Collaborative Divorce Coaching, and Supervised Visitation

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