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What Happens When I Schedule An Appointment?

"The Intake Appointment"

When scheduling any type of appointment with Ms. Trotter, the first appointment is always called the "Intake" appointment. This appointment is usually scheduled in a 1.5 hour increment to allow you to get to know Ms. Trotter and her staff, see the office, and explain the purpose of your appointment. (Custody Evaluations and Parenting Coordination Intakes are scheduled in 2 hour increments). This session also allows Ms. Trotter an opportunity to go over the paperwork with you and allows you an opportunity to become acquainted with Ms. Trotter. Contact with Ms. Trotter can be scheduled via phone, online, or as a "face-to-face" appointment.


The process of counseling is completely confidential. If you are scheduling for a child, Ms. Trotter usually meets with parents first. If you are scheduling an appointment for yourself, please briefly explain what topics you would like to discuss. If you are scheduling for you and your partner or spouse, please let us know whether or not they can attend. At the first or second session, you and Ms. Trotter will set goals. Most often, at least in the beginning, you will meet with Ms. Trotter weekly and then begin setting appointments further out, and eventually you will meet only on an "as-needed" basis.

Reconciliation Therapy:

Ms. Trotter takes a systemic approach in working collaboratively with all family members and professionals involved. She will meet with each party and the child(ren) individually first, then begin the reconciliation sessions between the child(ren) and the reconciling parent when she deems all parties and the child(ren) are therapeutically ready. Ms. Trotter also prefers to alternate sessions with the guardians, possibly the child(ren) and the reconciling parent and child(ren) and requires appointments with the custodial parent or guardian in-between reconciliation sessions.


Mediation is typically scheduled in two hour increments. If a protective order is in place, arrival and departure times will be staggered so that parties may avoid contact with one another. A Memorandum of Understanding will be prepared and distributed which will reflect the parties' agreements. Typical issues mediated include custody and visitation.

Parent Coordination:

Parties will always meet separately for their first appointment, which is two hours in length. This gives each party an opportunity to explain their side of the story. This also allows Ms. Trotter the opportunity to explain how the process of Parent Coordination works, including reviewing the rules and fees, and applicable paperwork. The next session is a jointly scheduled with both parties present. If a protective order is in place, times can be staggered and parties can be separated in separate rooms. Usually, parties meet regularly in the beginning, with sessions being scheduled according to the level of conflict, per Ms. Trotter's discretion. It is Ms. Trotter's intention to eventually meet on an "as-needed" basis. No Retainers are assigned only if parties do not follow the Rules and the Fee Payment Agreements located in their Intake Packets.

Custody Evaluations and Limited Scope Visitation Evaluations:

Parties will meet separately for all sessions and a settlement conference with the attorneys is held at the end of the process. Ms. Trotter follows the American Psychological Association's standards for conducting custody evaluations. Retainers are always necessary in custody evaluations.

Adoption Home Studies:

Ms. Trotter's office will send out an Intake Packet with instructions on documents to gather at the time the home study is scheduled. Ms. Trotter will visit the home at a time when all residents can be present. This appointment will last approximately 1.5 hours. Ms. Trotter will prepare a report at the conclusion of the home study and submit it to the attorney. 


All office hours and contact with Ms. Trotter are by appointment only.

Phone calls are answered:

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Phone/Online Appointments:

When scheduling an online or phone appointment with Ms. Trotter, please provide your credit card information at the time you schedule the appointment, or be prepared to drop a payment by the office before your appointment takes place. You may also pay via PayPal.


Note: All sessions with Ms. Trotter are based on a 50-minute hour. Please contact the office of Ms. Trotter at (580) 765-8739 for specific prices as they are subject to change. You may also email us at Ms. Trotter files and accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthChoice and United Health Care for payment of session fees. Ms. Trotter does not file any other insurance at this time, but we can provide you with a coded invoice for you to file with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Face-to-Face Session Fees:

All face-to-face fees are due at the beginning of any session scheduled with Ms. Trotter.

Ms. Trotter bills Health Choice, Sooner Care (Title 19) for children and adults & Insure Oklahoma for children and adults up to the age of 24. If you have other insurance plans, we will be happy to give you the information needed so that you may submit your own billing to your insurance company for reimbursement of your fees paid to Ms. Trotter as an "out-of-network" provider.

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